Real Estate in Benicia
Theresa Hadenfeldt
  • Community Events

    Read and Critique our Works In Progress

    Benicia's outlaw writers group

    Benicia Outlaw Writers Circle Agenda 6:00 Introductions 6:15 Reading begins 7:45 Wrap up

    Friday Night Coloring, Craft, & Chat

    Benicia and Beyond Women's Coloring, Craft, & Chat Meetup

    Nothing to do on a Friday night? Come hang out and color, draw or doodle! Join us monthly for coloring, crafting, and conversation! Bring your own supplies (whatever is easy and portable). Donations of $1 are requested (but never required) to...

    The World's Tallest Tree & Fern Canyon

    Meetup Adventure California

    Searching for Hyperion is probably the single most challenging task I have ever undertaken. Hyperion is a coastal redwood tree which has the distinction of being the tallest tree in the world. Not just the tallest redwood tree or tallest tree in...

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